Motown Meltdown Vol. 2
[ GIGA021 2010 ]

1. Since i decided to go - rokhausen
2. Smilin Faces- blanketship
3. friends - qulfus
4. second i emotion that - beaks plinth
5. when i think about you (I keep on loving) - t h e m a y s
6. love machine - qulfus
7. baby love - blanketship
8. i heard it through the tang - lord tang
9. I still hate you.../ lavender dreams - blanketship
10. Here i come - vytear
11. salvation - qulfus
12. Me Mercy Me (The Plintholgy) - beaks plinth
13. three times twice - qulfus

Motown Meltdown Vol. 1
[ GIGA012 2008 ]

1. The warm up - blanketship
2. that girl's alright - qulfus
3. i'm coming out - blanketship
4. mr. baby postman - qulfus
5. heaven must have sent you - blanketship
6. stoned love - qulfus
7. bernadette i'll fucking kill you - blanketship
8. sad clown - qulfus
9. tears in vain - qulfus
10. blanketown - blanketship
11. a song about truth - qulfus


The Motown Meltdown series is born from a special collection of discs called the Motown Master Recordings Karaoke by Singing Machine. Each of these extraordinary discs contains "8 classic hits by the original artists". These are the ORIGINAL classic Motown recordings with separated stereo channels, left and right. The left side; the instrumental, the right; isolated vocals. And thanks to the internet and a socially irresponsible record label intern, for Volume 2 we have added some of the original Motown multi-track sessions to the sample library! There is one basic ground rule for the making of these songs; the only sources the artists are allowed to utilize are those of the karaoke collections and multi-track sessions. No outside sounds allowed. In other words, no other drum beats, basslines, keys etc. can be added into the mix.

Due to their blatant skirting of all modern copyright laws these Meltdowns are also completely unreleaseable in the commercial marketplace! So we have gone the route of "The Grey Album" and "Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee" and unleashed them as viruses on the world, absolutely free. So, sit back and enjoy our skewed take on the greatest Motown singles of the 20th Century


"I can wholeheartedly recommend it. If you're interested in hearing some seriously demented re-workings of classic old Motown tunes, then this is the album for you…"
-Snap, Crackle and Pop

"The resulting Vol 2. goes from insane brokenbreaks glitch of Vytear to achingly sad tracks from Blanketship, to more hypnagogic drones from Beaks Plinth and manic cutups and loops of T H E M A Y S and Lord Tang. Definitely not Motown as you’ve heard it before! "
-Radio Clash

"I think they took the Motorcity sound to "Git Mo" to torture it before they murdered it. Mess with the Bull and you get the horns. Mess with U.M.G.'s tracks and get a Cease and Desist letter,soon hopefully.

I have sampled in the past and may again in the future,but I never inhaled...whatever these guys did. "
-D.J. from WFMU blog comments

"...I also drove through a Taco Bell and stuffed down two 89-cent cheesy beef burritos in the parking lot while enjoying the dissonant harmonics of Qulfus. I had actually turned up the volume while at the drive-thru window, which is really not like me to do. It was worth it, to feel like the weirdest middle-aged white woman in North County.

The server was cheerful, extremely cheerful in fact. I felt ashamed afterward. Was he thinking I was the weirdest middle-aged white woman in North County?...

Then I switched to a track off the Motown Meltdown CD and let the psychotic warpage wash over me. Leaving me little to no time to read the book I'd brought along, but that's OK. The interior of the car was almost dark anyway.

"Sheeeeeesssssaaaaa sssuuuuuuuupeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr ffffrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeak."

When Malcolm returned from the mall with Hana, I was in a fine mood. Meat suits me. I haven't been eating enough and was feeling puny and headachy. Need more meat. Ground beef, to be exact.

It was an evening well spent, alone. "That's why I'm easy! Easy like Sunday morning!""
--from the ongoing blog of The Malleable Synthesist