ep 2
[ GIGA030 2014 ]
1. Flay's Gait
2. Nice n Easy
3. A Giant Blocks out the sun
4. saints Assembly
5. buffoons at the wheel
6. The breakfast

VINYL [ Import from Alarm ]
DIGITAL [ bandcamp ]

Gigante Sound (Oakland 94606) in partnership with Alarm (Mitterteich 95666) are proud to bring you the second in a three EP series by Lord Tang, EP2! Following on from EP1, released in June 2014, Lord Tang digs further into his dub DNA and twists it into lurching rhythms that hunchback along with glee and abandon.

During the making of this EP, Dominic Cramp, the producer behind Lord Tang, revisited 'Titus Groan' the first book in the classic Gormenghast series by Mervyn Peake; and the insular otherworldliness can be felt throughout the music and acknowledged in the titles, 'Flay's Gait' and 'The Breakfast'.

Mastered at Piethopraxis
Original art work by Kelly Porter


ep 1
[ GIGA029 2014 ]
1. Rubs
2. Platypus
3. Mud Walk
4. little blue centipede
5. rub a dub

VINYL [ Import from Alarm ]
DIGITAL [ bandcamp ]

A trans-national harmony! Gigante Sound ( Oakland 94606 ) in conjunction with Alarm ( Mitterteich 95666 ) present the first in a series of 3 eps by Lord Tang! These little platters are Lord Tang's follow-up to his self-titled 2012 release. We are already in very different territory! The Lord has left behind much of the whimsy and surreal samples that embodied that first record. Instead, he digs into his collection of synths and outboard effects to come up with something more melodic and heavier on the dubs, yet still very much his own sound world.

It floats along in a twilight haze, unmoored from nostalgia and reflecting the moonlight of a future time! As these EPs progress, we will be drifting further and further into the waiting arms of a smiling history not yet realized. Stay tuned!

Mastered at Piethopraxis
Original art work by Shayna Why


Lord Tang
[ GIGA025 2012 ]
1. Fog

2. Defections

3. Thang

4. o ye comb over

5. Friends

6. Slumberer

7. my dub uncle

8. smalls

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Cassette [ Aquarius Records ]

Lord Tang brings this self-titled gem to Gigante Sound's shores. In this new project, producer and Gigante co-founder, Dominic Cramp, moves into more melodic and beat driven territory. Influenced as much by modern beat wizards as the smoke filled classic dubs from the Golden Age.

Utilizing much of the old crusty outboard gear in his arsenal, Lord Tang has put together an organic melange of clanging organs, deep bass and sparse crumpled beats.

Features original art work by Kelly Porter

"As with many of his instrumental recordings, this one oozes, lurches and seeps its way into your ear canals. Moody with a dark whimsy. We envision a subterranean being clawing its way up to the Earth's surface to eavesdrop on the city dwellers. Curiosity piqued by their daily routines and mundane dialogues, the churning rhythms of traffic reverberating down into his dank sunless world."
-Aquarius Records

"His music carries a timeless quality to it that is far outside the bounds of convention, and his delivery and execution can’t be likened to anybody else."
-Dub Monitor

" ...garish excesses of delay."
-The Wire


Lord Tang is another solo exploration by Dominic Cramp (producer and chauffeur for Borful Tang, a controlling interest in the Gigante Sound Corp., contributor to and collaborator with Evangelista, Vulcanus 68, Tiberius,The Talking Book and various other projects and recordings.

You can see a full list of his remixes, collaborations and guest appearances here

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Live at Salon Des Amateurs, Dusseldorf, Germany

Official promo for ep 1

'Defections' Exclusive video by Bakonspace!



'O Ye Comb Over'